Just Some of our Features

  • Turn-by-Turn Routing

    Whether calculating a price for a customer, or figuring out which driver to give a job to, CabDespatch uses an advanced crowd-sourced turn-by-turn routing system to ensure accuracy.
  • Integrated Accounts

    Spend less time creating invoices, and more time running your business! CabDespatch automatically creates your account customer's invoices and emails them the invoice as a PDF!
  • Great Support

    It's great to know that a friendly voice is only a phone call away should you need us. With such great support available, you can sleep sound knowing that you're taken care of.
  • GPS Tracking

    Integrated “Live Maps” show you, at a glance, where all your drivers are in real time. You can even see what speed they’re doing, or how much longer until they get to a pickup.
  • Completely Fair

    From our highly-advanced auto despatch system to ensuring that all jobs available for bid go out fairly, using CabDespatch helps to eliminate driver concerns on feeding.
  • All Inclusive

    When you're a customer of ours, we treat you how we would expect to be treated. We don't charge for routine software updates and offer new features to existing customers first.

What people are saying

Barrie Biring

24Hr Central Car Hire, Kent
When we switched from [previous supplier] to CabDespatch, we had no down time... very happy with the system. Very user friendly for both office staff and drivers.

Sajid Mahmood

Alpha Cars, Swadlincote
The technical support is very helpful and the onsite support is great too. I also like being able to use almost any Android as a PDA.

Prahlad Pandya

Highfield Taxis, Leicester
Cab Despatch is a very good system and I would recommend it to any taxi owner.